INNOVENTUM is expanding. We look for sales talents who can take our products to the world. If you have real sales experience and want to make a difference to the world, please review the INNOVENTUM presentation and send us a one-pager as attachment in which you tell us the following:

A: Which of the three core segments do you want to focus on and why?

B: Which of the three core products do you want to focus on and why?

C: What are the main hurdles you need to overcome to be successful at selling that product in that segment, and how will you overcome these hurdles?

If you wish to join our office in Sweden, being fluent in Swedish is a significant advantage. Please send your one-pager using my linked in and also send it to

If you wish to stay in your current position and leverage your professional networks to mediate deals, please consider the role of a Lead Developer. You can do this from anywhere in the world. The same three questions above apply and you should send your one-pager to


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