Published: March 20, 2013 by Arne Berge

The Giraffe, developed by Innovation in Mind-partner InnoVentum, is the first wind-solar power station in the market made of wood, making it the only one with negative carbon footprint. Day and night it produces energy – either to charge your e-car or power your house – efficient, clean and effortlessly elegant!

This futuristic yet natural construction comprises a wooden structure supporting 16 solar modules as well as a wind turbine mounted at a 9 or 12 meter height.
Special positioning of PV panels allows for stable energy production – providing solar energy during at least four (!) additional hours compared to a classic PV mounting.The Giraffe is able to produce 6 000 kWh per year even in countries with low solar radiation and moderate winds – providing power 24 hours a day, all year round.So, why the Giraffe? In nature, the giraffe manages to preserve its energy stores better than the well-known epitome of energy storage – the camel.The Giraffe sticks its neck out – in an attempt to rise up to a challenge – in our case – t
We see our Giraffe striving through all the challenges on its way with balance and grace.he Global Climate Change.

Long-reaching, far-seeing. It’s that long neck again. With its head lifted as high as the treetops, the Giraffe’s vision is focused on the horizon – where the green and beautiful future awaits us!

Do like the Giraffe and stick out your neck to fight Climate Change!