FAQ about about solar panels and hybrid systems that combine solar and wind energy.

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about solar panels, carports with solar cells, small-scale wind turbines and our award-winning hybrid systems that combine both solar and wind energy for optimal energy and electricity production.

Our innovative products lower the cost of electricity in your home or business. A wise investment for you and for our environment, which in many cases quickly pays for itself!

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Why should I invest in wind and solar?

How much money do I save by investing in solar panels or a hybrid system?

By installing solar panels on your property or plot, you will lower your electricity costs each month and will not be as affected by price increases. The amount you will save depends on the number of panels and type of solar panels or hybrid system you choose to invest in and is highly individual. One thing is certain, however: You will lower your electricity costs.

What are the advantages of installing solar cells or a hybrid system from an environmental perspective?
Solar, just like other green energy sources, has several advantages when it comes to environmental impact. By investing in solar panels, carport with solar cells or a hybrid system from InnoVentum, you reduce your climate footprint through reduced carbon dioxide emissions and other release of toxic substances that can have a negative impact on human health.
What is the lifespan of solar cells or hybrid wind and solar energy solution?

Almost all solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, which is a strong indication of longevity. In addition, continuous maintenance of the solar panel extends its life. Continuous maintenance is recommended.

When it comes to our hybrid on- or off-grid energy systems, the inverter has a warranty of between 5-10 years, depending on the brand and model. Energy storage in the form of batteries has a warranty of between 1-10 years, depending on the brand and model.

Can I install solar panels or a small-scale wind turbine myself?

Installing solar panels yourself can be an option to reduce the investment cost. Some choose to install the railings and panels themselves, then have a certified electrician complete the installation.

Our small-scale wind turbine for villas, farms and businesses is available as a DIY option thanks to the patented wooden tower that can be set up without a crane.

What is an electricity meter and how does it work?

By installing your own solar panels, carport with solar cells or one of our hybrid systems – you become a micro-producer of electricity. This requires that the network provider be informed and write a new contract.

The contract contains both purchase prices for the property and the price of kWh that is sold back to the grid, which occurs in the event of overproduction. In order for the electricity company to be able to measure the electricity to and from the grid, a new electricity meter needs to be installed, which the electricity company usually installs at no extra cost.

An important part of the calculation for an investment in solar power is to review how much you can earn from the locally produced energy that you sell back to the electricity grid.

How does an investment in solar and wind energy affect the value of my property?

According to surveys, houses with solar panels or a combination of solar and wind energy are sold at a higher price than properties with a traditional grid connection. Above all, when you own your solar installation instead of leasing it.

Why shouldn't I deliver more renewable energy to the grid than I buy?

You may not supply more solar electricity to the grid than you consume in order to be considered a micro-producer of solar electricity. The government payment of 60 öre / kWh is subject to the same ceiling. In other words, if you stay under this cap, the facility’s finances will improve.

Carport with solar cells and solar panel facilities

What is a carport with solar cells, and how does it work?

Carports with solar cells protect parked vehicles from the elements while the carport produces clean and green electricity that can be used to charge and run electric vehicles or property.

The excess production of solar electricity from the carport with solar cells can thus be used to supply the property with green energy. In addition to eliminating traditional fuel costs from the car, you also lower your electricity costs or sell the excess production of solar electricity to the public grid in your area. Nice!

What are the advantages of the InnoVentum carport with solar cells?
The advantages of InnoVentum’s carport with solar cells are as follows:
  • Solar Carport lowers your utility bills by reducing the amount of traditional energy you use as you power your electric vehicle and property with renewable solar energy.
  • Solar panels collect solar energy and convert it into electricity from the sun or wind (depending on which of our products is best for your energy needs). This means you have an independent and clean source of energy.
  • As the Solar Carport will lower your energy costs, provide safe parking and act as a charging station for your electric car, it means that the user space is maximally optimized unlike solar panels on the roof for example.
  • In case of overproduction of wind and solar energy, you can store it in your solar batteries or sell the surplus to the traditional grid.
Are there different versions of the Solar Carport?
Depending on your energy needs, there are a few Solar Carport options to consider. Measure: Our carport with solar cells is available in 2 designs
  • For private electric vehicles
  • For electric work cars and vans
  • It is also available in sizes from 2 electric cars to being able to cover an entire parking lot. Only the surface limits the number of cars that can fit.
How much money will I save by installing a solar carport?

It depends on factors that affect the production of solar energy. These are, for example, which solar cells are installed, how many solar cell panels are installed and where the solar cells are installed.

Why should I invest in a Solar Carport instead of solar cells on the roof?

There are various reasons why it is beneficial to invest in InnoVentum’s Solar Carport. It may be that the roof of the property is not in the optimal direction for production, south, or that there are other factors such as shade or roof renovation.

Our carport with solar cells is freestanding and can be installed in all directions to optimize production and also protect vehicles from the elements.

Carport with solar cells or a traditional carport?

The big advantage is that you create a source of income for your electric car and property. By installing solar cells, a local energy production is created that supplies your property or electric vehicle with renewable energy, you can also sell solar electricity directly to the traditional electricity grid.

Advantages of investing in InnoVentum solar panels or hybrid systems for your property.

What are solar panels and how do they create solar energy?

Solar panels create energy in the form of solar electricity by converting photons from solar energy into electrons or electronic energy which is direct current. Since most of our houses are powered by alternating current, an inverter is required for us to be able to use the energy that is created.

What if it snows and the snow covers my solar panels?

Since solar panels need solar energy to create electricity, the snow will reduce energy production. However, this is not always a problem that needs to be addressed, as most are mounted at an angle so that the snow can slide off.

If it were to happen that they become covered with snow, you only need to brush away the snow to restore the production of solar energy.

Will my solar panels produce renewable energy even if the sun is not shining?

Yes, it will. This is because the sunlight or rather solar energy gets through the clouds, not to the same extent as with a clear blue sky. The one time your panels won’t produce energy is during the night because the sun’s rays don’t reach the earth.

Do solar panels work off grid in the event of, for example, a power cut?

It depends on whether your panels are connected to the grid (on grid) or not (off grid). If connected to the mains, your solar panels will not work, as they will shut down to protect service technicians and emergency personnel. But if your solar panels are either off grid or connected to batteries, they can continue to work.

If I install solar panels, will I still get a utility bill?
Yes, you will. It will be less than before your investment in solar cells – how much less your electricity bill will be depends on which system or solar plant you invest in. Your electricity bill will be less because of that
  • you will buy less energy because you benefit from your self-produced electricity from solar, wind or hybrid systems
  • you can sell your excess solar production (the one you don’t use) back to the traditional grid and that results in either; an income per kWh or a discount on your existing electricity bill. You agree on this with your electricity supplier.
The only way not to get an electricity bill is to be completely off grid with energy storage in the form of batteries, which is possible to solve through us at InnoVentum. Off grid means that you are not connected to a traditional electricity grid and electricity supplier.
Maintain solar panels, what does it cost?

Solar panels are well constructed with tempered glass and require little to no maintenance over their estimated lifespan of 25-35 years. What may be needed is that the solar cells are rinsed off once a year to optimize production. This is because pollen and dirt minimize the light that the panels need to produce solar energy.

If something were to go wrong, most manufacturers have long warranties, but this is individual and something you should ask before an installation.

What financing options do I have regarding solar cells?

Buy solar panels or lease?

Whether to buy solar panels or lease them is up to you. By investing in solar cells, you increase the value of your house and reduce your electricity bill and your climate footprint. If you choose instead to lease solar panels or your hybrid system that combines solar and wind energy, the cost will be spread over many years and you will not have to think about maintenance. In both cases, you reduce your electricity bill and your impact on the environment.

Lease solar panels or borrow them?

Both leasing solar panels or borrowing for a solar installation have their advantages and disadvantages. What can be easily guaranteed is that your investment, regardless of financing, will lower your electricity bill and your carbon footprint. Our recommendation is that you investigate both options with your bank.