Hybrid production

Combining both wind turbines and solar cells is a smart way to secure the energy supply. Around the clock. All year round.

Continuous energy supply

By combining wind turbines and solar panels, two different sources of renewable energy can be used. The wind turbines generate electricity when the wind blows, and the solar cells produce energy when the sun shines. This means that the system can produce electricity under different weather conditions and at different times of the day.

Reduced dependence on weather

By having two different sources of renewable energy, the dependence on individual weather conditions is reduced. If there is no wind, the solar cells can still produce energy, and vice versa. This increases the reliability of energy production.

Improved grid stability

By combining different energy sources, you can contribute to a more stable electricity supply in the electricity grid. In the event of overproduction, the excess selenium can be stored or distributed to other areas, and in the event of a shortage of one source, the other can step up its production.

Increased energy supply security

Having several energy sources reduces the risk of energy shortages. It is particularly important in regions where the availability of wind or sun varies throughout the year. The combination provides a more secure energy supply and reduces vulnerability in the event of system disruptions or natural disasters.

Our Hybrid solutions

The combination of wind turbines and solar cells is an effective strategy to ensure reliable and sustainable energy production.

By utilizing two different and complementary sources, one can take advantage of their strengths and minimize their weaknesses to create a more sustainable and reliable energy supply. Below we list some of the advantages:

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