Optimised energy consumption

Store solar and wind energy with our partner Studer Next3, which manufactures power electronic since 1987. You become your own supplier of green energy from wind and sun, which makes you independent of rising electricity prices, energy companies and grid blackout.

Many energy storage systems promise autonomy and emergency power. However, manufacturers rarely say what this statement actually means. until now.

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Powering a better future together.

Energy costs: Rising cost, electricity shortages, dependence, risk of blackouts

Electrification: Electrical cars, heating and cooling

Transformation: Decarbonization, transportation, new producers, smart grid

Build to last.

All power electronic are designed and manufactured in Studer factory in Sion in Switzerland and come with an exceptional warranty of 15 years (10 yrs standard + 5 yrs studercare program)

The benefits of solar autarky: An intelligent autarky installation with battery storage allows for the conservation of unused energy and for greater flexibility of use. The system continues to operate automatically in “off grid” mode in the event of a power failure. An 85% self-sufficiency rate is easily achieved. This means that 85% of your annual electricity consumption is taken from the sun and/or wind.

In winter, when the production is limited, you can easily program the Next3 to charge at night when hourly prices from the grid are cheap and rely 100% on your battery through the inverter during day time when grid prices are expensive. Thanks to quality components, the Next3 can charge and discharge at fast rate. 

Next3 smart Hybrid Inverter

All-in-one design: Next3 is a unique hybrid inverter that offers 2 inputs for solar cells, mains connection, battery management and a flexible AC-flex input or output in one.

Next3 is the first 3-phase inverter and charger for on/off grid applications that combines an integrated inverter for solar cells. Instead of having one inverter per phase, each at 5 kW, Next3 offers one
3-phase system of 15 kW in one unit. Unlike other solutions or grid-forming inverters, Next3 has a built-in solar input via 2 MPPTs, allowing direct connection of up to 30 kWp solar panels (900 Vdc, 27 Amp)

Flexible to your needs

A tailor-made solution for your needs. Next3 offers a modular design that can be connected to solar panels, wind turbines and other energy production. The additional AC input, which can be programmed as a load or a generator, enables easy upgrading of existing solar systems by connecting the installed solar inverter to the AC Flex in Next3.

Additional applications for the programmable AC Flex input include: wind turbine, hydroelectric, fuel cell, backup diesel generator or natural gas generator, shore power, non-critical loads, electric car chargers, extra housing… A special feature of AC Flex is that each phase can be adapted to take against different sources (Phase 1: single-phase solar inverter, Phase 2: single-phase wind turbine, Phase 3: electric car charger).

Scalable solution

Modularity can also be done in parallel by connecting several Next3. Currently, 3 x Next3 can be connected in parallel, giving you up to 45 kW constant power (90 kW peak) during normal operation with the mains and also in island operation systems that are completely disconnected from the mains. Each Next3 provides flexibility to connect solar power (up to 90 kWp), 3 x AC Flex and also mix battery technologies (for example: a Next3 with lithium batteries, a Next3 with supercapacitors, a Next3 with GEL batteries).


Why Autarky with Next3?

Autarky is not just an idea; it is a vision for a sustainable future. Next3 creates a robust “energy bubble” around your home, optimizing your renewable energy production and minimizing your dependence on the grid to the point where connecting to the grid becomes optional.

1. Financial Advantage:
Lower electricity costs by using self-produced energy and eliminating the need to buy from the grid. In winter, when solar production is low, you can easily program the charging of your battery pack at night when the electricity price is low to avoid high daytime rates.

2. Stabilize the Energy System:
Next3 balances the energy flow and reduces the load on the electricity grid during periods of high demand. Dynamic phase balancing will allow you to reduce your main fuse size by avoiding peak current import, thus reducing monthly bill.

3. Convenience and Uninterrupted Power Supply: During short or long power outages, Next3’s power electronics supply all loads up to 15 kW (30 kW peak). The transition from mains to off mode takes only 20ms, which means that you hardly notice that the mains is down. Thanks to Studer’s 40 years of off grid experience, Next3 has the capacity to operate completely independently at any time. If you’re considering going off grid and saying goodbye to your utility company, either now or in a few years, you need to choose the right equipment from the start.

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