Vår Historia

Starting with an idea

A few years ago, Sigvald Harryson, then a management consultant and university professor at three universities in Sweden and Denmark, began to explore the topic of decentralization of wind power production. Being the passionate sailor that he is, he discovered that a small 400-watt wind turbine could provide a modern, well-equipped 45-foot sailboat with all the power it needed. Since the year 2000, Sigvald has had solar cells on his boat, but it was not enough to make the boat completely self-sufficient in electricity. In 2008, he invested in a small wind turbine for his new boat “Blåöga”, which later became the inspiration for InnoVentum. If a turbine can provide so much power to a boat, why wouldn’t it work the same way for a household – and then enable a more sustainable lifestyle? Wouldn’t it be good for our planet if we all had the opportunity to generate green energy so generously given to us by Mother Earth? In true entrepreneurial spirit, Sigvald began exploring the international market for environment and technology, using his wide network of colleagues, friends and university students to develop ideas for the new venture. After two years of market analysis, focused on market and consumption needs as well as product performance and business model, it was time to start building the company!

Shaping the company

During the years 2010 – early 2011, a number of university competitions took place which resulted in a number of innovative product ideas, such as the Dali wooden tower and a turbine tunnel. Subsequently, InnoVentum received its first investments from a distinguished team that took the lead as investors and advisors. The investment involved a first patent, a trademark and a design program. The first full-scale installations were completed at the beginning of 2011 after extensive test trials in Lund University’s premises. InnoVentum has received a lot of attention in the media with articles in Ölandsbladet, Ölands Journalen, BLT Sydöstran, Innovation in Mind, Sydsvenskan, Scania, as well as local news on TV4.

The wooden tower appears at Turning Torso

April 2011
On 29-30 April 2011, InnoVentum’s first event was organized in the form of the inauguration of the new wooden tower design. Co-organizers were Tesla Motors Scandinavia and Estrima and the event was a success. Several innovative design ideas of wooden constructions were presented and tested by two of the most extreme electric cars: Tesla Roadster and Estrima Biro.

InnoVentum goes international: ICDuBo in Rotterdam (Holland)

Augusti 2011
Our Dali Urban solution was installed in Rotterdam at the site of the largest environmental exhibition; ICDuBo. The installation strengthened our collaboration with a Dutch turbine manufacturer – now owned by a British company. Several new investors joined InnoVentum within a year of the lead investors joining. That year, the estimated valuations of InnoVentum had grown by 50%, based on demonstration plants.

First private customer

November 2011
Our first customer, Gunnel Nordqvist, became a pioneer when she chose to add a green piece to Öland, in the form of the Bettle S. After the installation of the Beetle S in November 2011, she received an upgraded turbine and purchased a solar energy installation from us to get green energy day or night, summer or winter. The local press wrote about Gunnel: Barometern, Ölandsbladet.

From exploration to exploitation

During the years 2011-2012, awareness of InnoVentum began to spread and we appeared on websites such as ArchiExpo, Klimatsmart, Ekoturismföreningen, we became members of Svensk Vindenergi and InnoVentum is now also listed on SWID (Swedish wind industry database) SWID. In 2012, we participated in exhibitions such as Hem & Villa in Göteborg, Sweden and Rencontre de Jardins on the French Riviera, where we created a permanent installation of the Beetle S. InnoVentum received more attention in the media in Sweden and France with articles in the Southeast, Les Nouvelles de Provence, Architecture Bois, ERA, Galore, New in Villa, L´Essentiel de la Maison. Other patent applications were made and additional trademarks were registered. InnoVentum’s CEO participated in the ÅF Offshore Race (ex-Gotland Runt). In the fall of 2012, six new investors joined, when the company doubled in valuation since it was created two years earlier.

InnoVentum on the French Riviera

September 2012
One of the highlights of the year was when InnoVentum attended the landscape design fair “Rencontre de Jardins” in September 2012. We did an installation with the Beetle S at a beautiful park on the Côte d’Azur, which served as an exclusive meeting place for the annual event. Today you can visit the park and see our installations whenever you want.

Copenhagen Business School Videouppdrag

December 2012
InnoVentum participated in an entrepreneurship course at Copenhagen Business School, where a number of talented students presented their vision for InnoVentum. The result was several inspiring videos. InnoVentum participates in the CIEL initiative “Green Innovations in Cities”.


December 2012
With new sales skills, InnoVentum established new significant installations which in turn brought several new customers. A Dali Performance was installed at Blekinge Institute of Technology during the summer. The installation was carried out on the roof of an award-winning timber panel building. A marine version of the Dali performance was installed in Gothenburg, in a picturesque location. Two GIRAFFE hybrids were installed in Malmö (more details under “The giraffe makes an impressive entrance”). A building permit for Dalifant went to the next step (more details under “Mila fair & customer events: Dalifant in focus”). InnoVentum participated in a number of fairs and exhibitions, such as Mila Fair, Mossagårdsfestivalen, Sustainable Energy Week. On the IP (intellectual property) side, InnoVentum pursued additional design and trademark registrations for the products. We are working on international expansion opportunities with a focus on Japan, European markets and also Kaliningrad in Russia.

InnoVentum Explores Japan

Januari 2013 - pågående

The initial exploration of the Japan market started in early 2013, with the first visit to Japan taking place in March. With the availability of Japanese expertise, InnoVentum made considerable progress: numerous publications in the globally distributed Japanese magazine Landscape Design (in June and August 2013), our first distributor in Japan: Windy Ltd, extensive networks and numerous installation plans.

Mila Fair & Customer Events: Dalifant in focus

Februari - Arpil 2013
InnoVentum participated in a fair with a different profile: the agricultural event Mila Mässan. Our largest wind turbine solutions were in focus: Dalifant and Endurance. We see great potential for the products in Sweden and we are happy that our proposals triggered interest at the fair. Our partner Sparbanken Färs og Frosta provides an attractive financing system for these products, which gives our customers a positive cash flow from day one. During this period, the first building permit application for Dalifanten is almost granted by the owners of Mandelmann’s Gardens – who are dedicated green enthusiasts and successful “eco-preneurs”. They are very excited about the upcoming installation – and so are we! InnoVentum also organized a number of meetings with potential customers: “Meet the Dalifan”.

The giraffe makes an impressive entrance

Maj 2013

2013 was the year of the Giraffe for InnoVentum: It took us less than six months from drawing up to installing the Giraffe at such an important location as the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. We have also set up one in Västra Hamnen near Turning Torso. The Giraffe is a solar and wind hybrid with a charging station that can power everything from your electric car to your house – and can even function as a bus stop in an urban environment or as sunshades over sandboxes at preschools.

The giraffe attracted a lot of attention in the media: Sydsvenskan, Scania, Hyllie website, Nytt från Öresund – where they wrote about our installation at Hyllie, Malmö.

Green Vehicle Days

June 2013
During InnoVentum’s expansion, we spread the knowledge about sustainability and the ecological lifestyle with emphasis. In an effort to draw public attention to green mobility in cities, we organized Green Vehicle Days. Green Vehicle Days was one of the largest electric vehicle events in the region, bringing together electric vehicle professionals, enthusiasts, decision makers and the public to build a combined vision of a greener future of urban transport and infrastructure. We had an exciting photo competition as part of Green Vehicle Days. You can read more about the event here. Three new investors joined.

Additional investments support InnoVentum

July 2013
In September 2013, our main sponsors made a second investment in InnoVentum. We also welcomed two new investors who came to have more to follow. The investments also created greater scope of patent protection, the building of sales organization and working capital for further growth.

Malmö City's business award in environment and sustainable development

September 2013
In February 2014, InnoVentum won Malmö City’s business award for environment and sustainable development. (Malmö city business award in environment and sustainable development). The jury praised InnoVentum’s innovative and design-driven claims for the creation of environmental solutions and renewable energy, as well as its successful collaboration with the City of Malmö in 2013.

Grants granted for the development of InnoVentum's products

March 2014
Swedish Energy Agency The Swedish Energy Agency contributed an investment of SEK 1.6 million to InnoVentum for future developments and certifications of GIRAFFE in Sweden. The grant is part of a support program for social and technological innovation.

Exciting electric car events and opportunities with the UN

May - June 2014
Our German team organized an InnoVentum-branded car to participate in the WAVE – World Advanced Vehicle Expedition, which is the largest electric car rally in the world. The electric car was also part of the largest gathering of electric cars to date in Stuttgart. InnoVentum is participating in the UN Procurement Seminar in Copenhagen with the aim of learning more about the possibilities available for our Dali PowerTowers regarding catastrophic accidents around the world.

Installation of Dali PowerTower in the Philippines

July 2014
In 2014, InnoVentum focused on its slogan of providing “Power to the People” – particularly to areas in the Philippines still suffering from one of the most devastating natural disasters in modern history – Typhoon Haiyan. The first installation of our Dali PowerTower hybrid tower that combines wind and solar energy with InnoVentum’s wooden structure was installed at the Hills of Grace near Manilla. The installation has been running since July 2014 and provides green energy to a children’s village built and run by the non-governmental organization Barnmissionen. Read the full description of the project here.

InnoVentum Guinness Rekord

July 2014
In September, InnoVentum participated in the Öresund Electric Car Rally 2014 followed by a Guinness World Record attempt with the largest parade of electric cars. The record meant that more than 200 electric cars participated in the event, beating the previous record of 160 electric cars (InnoVentum’s Nissan Leaf was one of them).

Giraffe 2.0 becomes reality

December 2014
The long-awaited design release of Giraffe 2.0 was shown at Business of Design Week in Hong Kong, which is the largest and most influential design event in Asia with over 100,000 visitors each year. Shortly after the design release, a full-scale giraffe was installed in Malmö, Västra Hamnen (near the Americas Cup Harbor opening). Already at the early stage, the giraffe proved to be a popular concept and attracted its first customer (installation in spring 2015)!

Green Cities of Tomorrow

May 2015
InnoVentum’s test and demonstration site for Renewable Energy Technology in Malmö was inaugurated on 5 May 2015 at the event “Green Cities of Tomorrow – which was organized on InnoVentum’s fifth birthday! You can read more about it here.