Carport with solar cells


SOLAR CARPORT Carport with integrated solar panels

The Solar carport from Innoventum – an innovative combination of exclusive glued laminated timber and high-efficiency solar panels, offering a more streamlined alternative to rooftop solar installations. With a unique design and advanced technology, our carport generates enough green energy to power your car for over 30,000 km annually, equivalent to half a trip around the globe.

Through strategic partnerships within eMobility, our products are not only efficient and intelligent but also beautiful in their design.

High efficiency panels

By utilizing bi-facial panels additional energy productions is possible from direct sunlight and from the indirect sunlight reflecting from underneath. This leads to a higher production, up to 15% compared other solar installations which shortens the payback time. 

Our Solar panels have a 30 year product- and linear performance guarantee to ensure sustainable production for many years to come. 

Två bilar under en carport
Solceller och Carport

Sustainable Scandinavian design

Through use of exclusive, glue laminated wood our products become naturally durable against mold and insects and resistant to changing climates for decades to come. Designed by INNOVENTUM in Sweden, fabricated in Europe. The wooden structure of the Solar Carport 24 contains 1.3 tones of stored carbon dioxide, this enables the Solar Carport to reach climate positivity faster then traditional carports with solar panels.

Model for every need

If you own a villa, a cottage, a office or a large parking lot, we have a suitable solution for you. From the Solar Carport 15 to the Solar Carport 24. We have a scalable design that enable us to create a solution for 2 cars, 4 cars or 100 cars. 

Solar Carport
Batteri Carport

Charge at home

Together with our Swedish partner CTEK, we offer the Chargestorm 2 as a complement to the Solar Carport to ensure clean renewable eFuel for your car.

  • Adjustable charging power via app or software
  • NanoGrid™ dynamic load balancing support
  • Built-in fuse, AC and DC ground fault detection built-in energy meter
  • Easy installation and lock protected for maintenance
  • Wall or pole mounted
  • Ambient operating temperature from -30 °C to +50 °C
  • RFID reader
  • OCPP 1.5/1.6
  • IP54 and IK10
    2-year warranty

Parking solutions

Solar Carport 15

Solar Carport 18

Solar Carport 24

Solar Carport X

Our solutions are modular and endlessly scalable. If you request a solution for more than 2 cars, email your desired number of car spaces with pictures and measurements of the parking area and we will get back with a quote.

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Choosing a structure that protects your vehicle while integrating solar energy is a forward-thinking investment. With solar panels, it becomes not only a protective place for your car but also a source of renewable energy, making the use of space more efficient by producing power. This solution offers an economical and environmentally friendly way to contribute to sustainable energy production while protecting your vehicle from the elements. Installation is cost-effective and customizable, making it possible to create a design that fits your property’s aesthetics and space needs. It not only increases the property’s value, but also contributes to a reduction in your energy costs over time. This type of construction is ideal for those looking for a practical, environmentally friendly solution for both car storage and energy production. In addition to being a safe place for vehicles, it offers multifunctional use as a surface for outdoor activities, making it a valuable asset for the home. Its open design ensures good ventilation, which is important for maintaining a healthy and safe environment. With such an installation, you not only get practical protection for your vehicle, but also a step-by-step solution towards a more sustainable lifestyle, while benefiting from solar energy’s many benefits.

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