Small-scale wind power


DALIFANT 25 kW farm plant for small-scale wind power with wooden tower

Dalifant is a small wind turbine solution designed to yield maximum energy at a given rotor diameter. It is installed on a design-protected 20 metre wooden tower created by InnoVentum.

The Dalifant is suitable for a variety of applications. It can provide electricity for an eco-farm, a larger house, a small-scale industrial site – power any appliances that require electricity.

"We are happy that our Dalifant customers Gustav and Marie Mandelmann are featured in a TV4 programme Mandelmanns Gård."

We are happy that our Dalifant customers Gustav and Marie Mandelmann are featured in a TV4 programme Mandelmanns Gård. We are very proud of their achievements and truly believe that they “walk the talk” of leading a sustainable, climate-friendly and natural lifestyle. They produce their own energy with wind turbine and solar installations – so can you! And we are ready to help you with that. For a start, you can check live performance of the Dalifant wind turbine and solar panel installations at the Mandelmanns. Also, you may check live wind energy production at the Thulins family eco farm Vismarlövsgård. Below you can study all features of the Dalifant.

Reliability & Security​

The wind turbine on our DALIFANT has undergone extensive international test programs to ensure quality and safety. It has been approved for the UK’s Microgeneration Certfication Scheme (MCS), has been rigorously tested in the US, and has Danish HBO certification. The wind turbine has 3 different safety systems that protect against extreme wind conditions.

Resource efficiency

A complete DALIFANT wind turbine including screw foundation in recycled steel weighs four tons and produces 38,000 kWh per year at an average wind of 6 m/s. A typical large-scale 3 MW wind turbine weighs 2,565 tons including a concrete foundation of 1,250 tons. This foundation cannot be recycled but will remain in the ground for at least 100,000 years. Such a wind turbine produces 4,900,000 kWh per year at the same average wind strength. Compared to the resources used for the DALIFANT small-scale wind turbine, the resource efficiency is 1.9 kWh per kilogram of material. The farm agency DALIFANT’s resource efficiency is thus 9.5 kWh/kilo of material. DALIFANT is thus five times more resource efficient than a normal large-scale wind turbine of 3 MW.

The farm's performance

Our DALIFANT is one of the most efficient wind turbines for small-scale wind turbines in its size class. For the generator to produce energy, the kinetic energy of the wind must first be captured by the rotor blades. Longer motor blades provide a larger sweep surface and thus increase energy production.

Wind turbine has a swept area of ​​133 m² which is twice as large as competing turbines of the same generator size (10 – 11 kW). The larger sweep surface enables a wind energy production that is comparable to larger generators: 38,000 kWh/year at an average wind of 6 m/s. Gårdsverket is optimized for the wind conditions that prevail at a height of 20 meters.

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Wind energy in real time

Our DALIFANT can be combined with solar panels. Below you can see the energy production from the small-scale wind turbine in real time from an installation in Skåne. At this installation, the energy production of the solar panels (17 kW) has been registered since 1 May 2015, while the energy production of DALIFANTEN (11 kW) has been registered since 1 September 2015.