Wind and Solar Autarky

Your renewable energy available day and night

The energy transition is here, the energy business model is shifting. The moment has never been more propitious for ecological transition. With the hybrid inverter next3 solution we propose our clients to join the wind and solar autarky. The energy independency at home. Our contribution towards decarbonization. The time is now!

All in One

250kg vs 60kg
10 cables batteries vs 2
10 protection batteries vs 1
3 days installation vs 1 day

Powerful Hybrid Inverter

The next3 is the new powerful player for off-grid, on-grid and hybrid installations.

A 3 phase 16 kW inverter-charger with 2 built-in solar high voltage MPPT inputs with 8 + 8 KW.

Residential minigrids

Minigrids for rural electrification is central subject in the current energy crisis. We are continuing the innovation and we want to bring the best of offgrid minigrids to the residential minigrids model.

The next3 with its future accessories for multi-units and the powerful Power Flow Dispatcher (PFD) function are the base of the future of residential minigrids.

STUDER-Next3 full option price: 244 000 sek incl. VAT

(bundle with batteries will benefit from Grön Teknik up to -100 000 sek reduction)

The most advance Lithium battery

One product suitable for two applications LV and HV. Fast connections.

Wall Mounted, floor mounted, Stackable, serial or parallel application.

High Capacity thanks to expandible and simple configuration.

Extended Warranty: Up to 10 years

Exceptional lifespan: Up to 8000 Cycles

Real-time monitoring System and remote Debug


Price: 33 000 sek incl. VAT for 5,3 kWh (low voltage / high voltage) 


For every scenarios, the combinaison smart inverter and energy storage will cover your needs



Self Consumption with Storage 

• Optimisation with battery use between 100% and 30% (SOC for backup)
• Solar is used for the loads during the day
• When the battery is full, excess is fed to the grid



Full Grid Feeding: Self consumption without use of storage

• All the battery energy is kept for a probable blackout.
• Solar is used for the loads during the day and excess is fed to the grid
• Next3 is like a grid-inverter when the grid is always on.



Zero Grid Feeding: your energy only for you

• Energy is never sold back to the grid.
• Solar is used for the loads during the day and to fill the battery, and excess is lost
• Optimisation of self consumption with battery use between 100% and 30% (SOC for backup)



OFFGRID Hybrid System

• Energy is never sent back to the genset.
• As soon as the genset is ON, the batteries are recharged to the max.
• Solar is used in priority for the loads during the day