Inauguration of the Urban Demonstration and Testing Site for Renewable Energy Technologies

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Date: May 5, 2015

Time schedule:

14:00 – 14:30 Inauguration of the InnoVentum Demonstration and Testing Site for Renewable Energy Technologies by Dr Sigvald Harryson and Jonas Kamleh, a speech on Malmö’s successes in sustainability

14:30 – 15:00 Demonstration of the Giraffe 2.0 EV charging capacity. InnoVentum together with GreenCharge and Volkswagen

15:00 – 15:30 Delivering London’s Energy Future (James Hardy)

15:30 – 16:30 Panel Discussion

16:30 16:45 Round-Up and Bridge to Almedalen (Dr Henrik Ny of GreenCharge)

16:45 17:00 Rude Food concept presentation and food tasting (Arvid Boström of Rude Food)

17:00 – 18:00 Mingle and Networking (while enjoying the InnoVentum Birthday Cake)

18:0022:00 Private Mingle for Customers, Investors and Decision Makers at the Turning Torso conference facility on the 54th floor (requires separate registration at

Venue: The InnoVentum Demonstration and Test Site for Renewable Energy Technologies situated at the Americas Cup Harbour in VästraHamnen.

Nearest address: Östra Varvsgatan 25, 211 19 Malmö

Nearest bus station: Malmö Fullriggaren (buses #5, #2)





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greencharge sydost


At the 1964 New York World’s Fair, General Motors presented a utopian vision of what the world would be like 60 years in the future, known as Futurama II. GM predicted a metropolis replete with fossil fuel-powered modes of transportation that would take humans wherever they desired to go: to the Arctic, into the deep oceans and to space. Smiling families would rumble down pristine superhighways while friendly robots would clear rainforest with laser beams. With fossil fuels, new technology, and unbridled human spirit, the city of the future would know no bounds.

Thankfully, our notion of what a city of tomorrow can be has changed since 1964. Sustainable buildings, renewable energy, smart waste management, fossil-free urban mobility, green roofs – all of these concepts are utilised more and more often for the development of contemporary cities. Our future will continue to be urban, with more than 80 per cent of Europeans living in cities by 2025 and if mankind intends to survive on the Earth, our cities must be environmentally sustainable.

According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: “We are the last generation that can fight climate change. We have a duty to act” while Sir Richard Branson reminds us that “there is no Planet B”.

Our event “Green Cities of Tomorrow” aims to bring together decision-makers and stakeholders across a wide range of sustainable responsibilities and technologies applied in urban environments.

We chose the Västra Hamnen district in Malmö as the venue for a number of reasons:

  • Västra Hamnen has a 15 year history of sustainable development, during which an industrial neighbourhood in decline has been transformed into an attractive residential area known for its high environmental standards. Västra Hamnen is supported with locally produced renewable energy: wind turbine Boel situated in Norra Hamnen and solar installations supply enough energy to cover the majority of electricity needs. Heating is provided by modern waste-to-energy systems. Food waste is used to produce biofuel for city buses. All buildings in the district are built in accordance with the state of the art ecological standards.
  • Malmö has received a multitude of awards for urban sustainability.Malmö is a global city. Malmö is classified as a global city, placed in the gamma- category by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network and ranked 5th in Scandinavia by the Global Cities Index in 2012
    • In 2014 it received a CIO Award “Sustainable project of the Year” for its innovative work with sustainable IT procurement.
    • Also in 2014, The Malmö Festival received a Greener Festival Award.
    • Malmö has been named “The Most Environmentally Friendly Municipality of the Year” in Sweden in 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010 and the “Electric car City of the Year” in 2013.
    • In 2012 the City of Malmö won the first prize in the European Commission´s RegioStars Awards for its work on integrated strategies for achieving sustainable development in disadvantaged urban areas.
    • In the same year, Green Uptown Magazine listed Malmö as the third greenest city in the world.
    • In 2010 Malmö received an UN-HABITAT award for its eco-city Augustenborg development.
  • Malmö is situated in the most densely populated region in Scandinavia. Together with Copenhagen, Malmö constitutes the transnational Øresund Region, the most densely populated area in Scandinavia.
  • Malmö is one of the most inventive cities in the world. It is ranked the fourth most inventive city in the world based on the number of patent applications per 10,000 residents.
  • Västra Hamnen in Malmö is InnoVentum’s home base.


At 14:00 on the 5th of May 2015 we would like to welcome you to The InnoVentum Demonstration and Test Site for Renewable Energy Technologies situated at the Americas Cup Harbour in Västra Hamnen:

IV Test Site Location

The event will start with a short introduction speech and ribbon cutting at the Giraffe 2.0 hybrid wind-solar power station and EV charger by InnoVentum’s CEO and Founder Dr. Sigvald Harryson. The Giraffe 2.0 is a result of several years of development and collaboration between InnoVentum and European Research Centres such as National Institute of Wood Engineering (ENSTIB) in France and Lund University in Sweden. This is the first installation of the Giraffe 2.0 and the only such hybrid system due to receive SP Technical Institute of Sweden certification mark. The project is financially assisted by the National Energy Agency of Sweden (Energimyndigheten). Please read more about the Giraffe 2.0 system here

After the introduction, the word will be given to our keynote speakers:

Katarina Pelin – the person behind Malmö’s successes in sustainability 2008-2012 (Jonas Kamleh (Miljöförvaltningen, Malmö Stad) will speak on behalf of Katarina)

In 2008-2012 Katarina was one of fifteen members in the Swedish Delegation for Sustainable cities, appointed by the Swedish government. She is a member of the Board for several organisations among others Sustainable Business Hub, Sweden Green Building Council and Resilient Cities International. During Katarina’s time as Director of Environment at the City of Malmö, the city received several prestigious awards for its ambitious sustainability efforts – some of which were listed above.

James Hardy – the person working towards London’s cleaner energy future (confirmed)

James Hardy is currently the Principal Policy Manager within the Energy Team at City Hall, leading on Energy Supply and Energy Efficiency policy and strategy. James previously worked for the UK Government for over a decade as a senior strategist on energy and climate change issues, including developing DECC’s low carbon heat strategy, and as head of international climate change strategy. He was also a key member of the team which devised and delivered the UK Climate Change Act.

After the speeches we would like to demonstrate the charging function of the Giraffe 2.0 (in collaboration with ChargeStorm and Volkswagen Malmö)

At 15:30 a panel discussion will commence engaging our distinguished guests and keynote speakers in a conversation about “Green Cities of Tomorrow”, in particular:

  • We would like to hear the panel’s thoughts about green targets set for the whole region/city versus localised developments that are uniquely defined for each city district – what proves to be more effective – Centralised versus decentralised approaches to green targets?
  • How do green targets affect sustainable growth?
  • EV charging infrastructure: the needs, prospects, measures taken and to be adopted in the future. Where will we see the nodes of the modern EV infrastructure?
  • Renewable energy projects for urban environment: experience, targets, and vectors of development. How far can we go green? The “Triple Green Roof” solution combining biodiverse green roofs, solar panels and wooden support frames will be shown at the venue itself.

Participants in the panel discussion will include representatives from Sweden, the UK, Denmark, including the above mentioned keynote speakers, members of the relevant interest organisations and companies.

The panelists confirmed to date:

  • Sven Ruin (TEROC)
  • Will Sibia (SWECO)
  • Therese Lindsley (Invest in Skåne)
  • Karin Hammarlund Kramer (Ramboll)
  • Jonatan Malmberg (Scandinavian Green Roof Institute)
  • Dr. Henrik Ny (GreenCharge)
  • Patrik Lindergren (ChargeStorm)
  • Bianca Hermansen (CITITEK Urban Design)
  • Jonas Kamleh (Miljöförvaltningen, Malmö Stad)

The panel discussion will end at 16:30, after which we have Round-Up and Bridge to Almedalen (Dr Henrik Ny of GreenCharge).

After that a brief presentation of the sustainable food concept and tasting will be organised by Arvid Boström of Rude Food.

Starting from 17:00 everyone can enjoy networking and InnoVentum’s Birthday Cake prepared on the occasion of our 5th birthday.

Continuation of the evening at the Turning Torso conference facility (54th floor) for the Customers, Investors and Decision Makers (admission based on prior registration).

Further information:

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BBC: Europe’s first carbon neutral neighbourhood – Smart Cities – Horizons