UPDATE. Official message from the Guinness World Records: “We are delighted to confirm that you have successfully achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for ’Largest parade of electric cars’. We would like to congratulate you on your record-breaking achievement. You are OFFICIALLY AMAZING.” Congratulations to all participants!

On Sunday, September 21st 2014, a New World Record for the Largest Parade of Electric Cars will be attempted on The Öresund Bridge. 

Everyone with an Electric Car is invited to participate for free!

We want to show that Electric Cars are out there! Anyone can drive one and it is an affordable, cleaner and more silent alternative to a conventional combustion engine car.

InnoVentum participates in the event with a Nissan Leaf:


If you wish to join us in setting the World Record please send an email to cph-electric@regionh.dk containing the following information:

  • The exact electric car model and year of manufacture
  • The registration number of your vehicle
  • The name, email and telephone number of the driver

As soon as you send the registration email, you will receive an message with detailed instructions.

So, what exactly will happen on the 21st of September?

The participants from Denmark meet at the Field’s Parking lot in Ørestad, Copenhagen at noon, register their participation and get a placement in the parade.
At 13:30 the Danish participants drive over the Öresund Bridge together, to meet up with the Swedish participants in Malmö.

The participants from Sweden meet at Emporia Parking lot at 14:00, as Öresund Electric Car Rally participants arrive from their trip around the Öresund.  More info on OECR website.

InnoVentum participates in the OECR and we will post picture updates on our brand new Instagram: instagram.com/innoventum (as well as our Facebook and Twitter)

A photograph and a video of the participants at the Emporia Parking lot will be produced, to be presented to the Guinness World Record organisation as an evidence for the attempt.

At 16:00, all participants in the Parade are gathered and set off towards Copenhagen. The actual Record, will be set on the Öresund Bridge, when all the electric cars are in one long line. The Parade must drive together for at least 3,2 kilometres, to be counted.

The participating Electric Cars and their drivers gather together at Field’s Parking lot and celebrate the attempt, with food and drinks. More photos will be taken there.

You will be able to charge your Electric Car at both the Emporia and Field’s Parking lots. When you register, please include specify the needs for charging of your car.

InnoVentum offers charging at the Giraffe that you will easily find:


Giraffe_instagram Giraffe Hyllie with sign








The previous number according to the Guinness World Record:

“The largest parade of electric cars consisted of 100 Mitsubishi i-MIEV cars and was achieved by Nagasakiken EVevent Jikkouiinkai (Japan) in Goto, Nagasaki, Japan, on 3 July 2010”

The new attempt is supported by InnoVentum, Copenhagen Municipality, Region Hovedstaden, E.ON, Field’s, Emporia, Öresund Electric Car Rally, The Öresund Bridge, and many more.

Join us with your e-car or just come and have a look at the attempt as a spectator – everyone is welcome!