Are You Ready to Welcome a Greener Future?

Imagine that you never have to go to a petrol station again – yet you can drive wherever you want.

Imagine that you never have to smell petrol again, and instead, wind smells like the sea, forest, flowers and sun-warmed wood – even in the middle of the city.

Imagine that your carbon footprint shrinks every year.

How is that possible?

By using green vehicles powered by electricity harvested from the wind and sun.

Sounds too idyllic?

Well, you have the chance to see how it works in reality!

Join us on the Green Vehicle Days on June 2-3, 2013 in Västra Hamnen, Malmö!

To make your Green Vehicle Days experience even more exciting, we announce a contest with fantastic prizes! Read more here


Electric vehicles are not the marginal class of incapable cars that they were considered to be in the past. Now they are a real power that can bring you from A to B with ease and comfort – provided you have charging stations available.

On the 2nd of June you can see a plethora of modern, capable, beautiful electric vehicles participating in the Öresund Electric Car Rally – driving from Copenhagen to Helsingör, over to Helsinborg and finishing in Västra Hamnen, Malmö. Take the chance to greet the winner at 2 pm as the e-cars finish near Scaniabadet!

One of the bright shining gems in the e-vehicle fleet is the Tesla Model S, which will be in Sweden for the first time. This unique e-car drives 500 km on one charge. Combining high performance and sleek elegance – 100% powered by electricity – this is a truly exciting product.

As the e-cars recharge their batteries after the rally, you will witness how a novel wind-solar hybrid charging station works! The Giraffe by InnoVentum is the first e-charging carport in the market made of wood, making it the only one with a negative carbon footprint. Day and night it produces energy – either to charge your e-car or power your home – efficient, clean and effortlessly elegant!

You will also meet Oil & Vinegar with their excellent eco selection, learn more about Mossagården eco farm and festival, have the chance to support Race for the Baltic aiming to stop pollution of the Baltic Sea… And much more!

If you would like to be part of the business seminar taking place on the 3rd of June at the top floor of the Turning Torso, you can do so as an attendee (entrance fee for the full day 460 SEK) or as a speaker/presenter/exhibitor (fee of 10 000 SEK). Please contact us at

Among the confirmed speakers:

  • Leading EV Manufacturers like Tesla Motors
  • Clean Urban Mobility solution providers like Bombardier presenting their revolutionary PRIMOVE technology enabling dynamic contactless charging (Evs can charge while in motion)
  • Interest Organizations like Grønn Bil to share the Norwegian experience that led to the highest BEV sales per capita in the world by a good margin and interesting business models, notably for charging.
  • Renewable Energy Charging Station providers

You will also see video contributions made by Copenhagen Business School for the joint CBS-InnoVentum Video Competition focused on green urban mobility.

Welcome a Greener Future!

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Photos from the event on Flickr