Giraffe 2.0 Installation in Sweden

The Giraffe 2.0 installation took place in winter 2014-2015 at a seaside location in Malmö, Sweden. The location has excellent wind conditions and good insolation levels. Ground screws were used for the foundation. The wood used for the wooden structure was glulam timber. The wind turbine was a 3.5 kW machine made in Spain. There were 24 solar panels installed on the wooden structure to complement wind energy production.The electrical connection was made professionally by a local utility provider. The performance of the installation is monitored by the SP Technical Institute of Sweden and the data is available to the public.

Technical description of the product is available here.

  • Product(s): Giraffe 2.0
  • Location: Malmö, Sweden
  • Customer: InnoVentum AB (test site)
  • Project Year: 2014-2015