Dalifant small wind turbine 11kW on farm land, sheep grazing


INNOVENTUM is a Malmö-based company focused on developing and commercialising exceptionally environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and aesthetically compelling solutions for decentralised renewable energy production.
To offer environmentally friendly products with the lowest possible carbon impact and noise-level, InnoVentum makes towers of wood instead of steel. Our unique designs comprise state of the art technologies in wood engineering, smart functionality, and are inspired by famous pieces of art and architectural landmarks. Our installations are an eye-catcher in our customers’ gardens as well as in public areas. 
Our highlight projects in 2015 include The INNOVENTUM Demonstration and Testing Site for Renewable Energy Technologies in Malmö's Västra Hamnen and Dalifant wind turbine installations at eco-farms in Skåne (View our installation at Mandelmanns Trädgårdar).
Check our Milestones page for the full history of INNOVENTUM.