Microgrid Companies Bring Change (Vienna Energy Forum)

Green energy solutions and smart microgrid company InnoVentum, co-organises a special event with the Swedish Energy Agency at the Vienna Energy Forum 2017: "Micro-Grids Bringing Mega Change" on the 10th of May 2017.

The Vienna Energy Forum 2017 (VEF 2017) is organised by UNIDO and will bring together over 1600 participants, including heads of State, ministers, energy experts, representatives of international and non-governmental organisations, academia, civil society, smart microgrid companies and the private sector.

UNIDO has now published a report on the VEF2017 - have a look here.

Microgrid Companies are of Importance

The energy industry, utility and microgrid companies will change in the next 10 years like never before. One of the revolutionary trends is that large, centralized, energy production facilities will be replaced by a network of distributed power systems supplying energy to advanced microgrid solutions. Such a network of decentralized energy solutions will have virtually zero transmission losses and will offer tremendous stability. The essential part of this energy system transition is the construction and integration of microgrids by microgrid companies. And it’s not often that an energy system is so versatile: microgrids are helping rural African communities rise out of poverty, while at the same time supporting the work of some of the world’s most sophisticated research universities and data centers in the U.S.

Today’s microgrids are the culmination of the energy improvements and innovation of the last 30 years. They include renewables, combine heat and power, district energy, smart wind- and solar power off grid systems, software and systems management, energy storage, energy efficiency and demand response. It’s easy to see why smart microgrids are such an attractive yet complicated part of the energy sector.

Today we would like to discuss the perspectives for the microgrid technology on different levels:

Governmental – with input from the Swedish Energy Agency

Academia – with input from Dr. Albana Ilo of TU Wien

Large business – with input from Ms. Maxine Ghavi of ABB

Small business – with input from Dr. Sigvald Harryson of microgrid company InnoVentum and Mr. Olof Hallström of Pamoja Cleantech.

This discussion will contribute to the High Level Panel (HLP) IV Affordable and Clean Energy and SDG 13 Climate Action

microgrid company

Key Questions regarding future of Smart Microgrid

What is the future for hybrid energy solutions such as smart microgrids from your point of view?

Do you think that there is a possibility for the developing countries to leapfrog several steps in the energy system development and start implementing smart microdrids already now in places with no electricity grid at the moment?

What opportunities for microgrid companies do you see in the developed world?

What pace of adoption do you predict for the microgrids?

What barriers do you see on this path?

The Chair

Mrs Maria Sandqvist

Executive Director of the Forum for Swedish Smart Grid

Previously Mrs Sandqvist held a position as Director for Product Regulation and Environment at The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries. She also has experience from the governmental offices (Swedish Ministry of Enterprise). Mrs Sandqvist is a Board Member of SEK the Swedish member of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and has been a member of the Energy Development Board at the Swedish Energy Agency. Today Mrs Sandqvist is responsible for the establishment and development of the Forum for Swedish Smart Grid. The purpose and mandate of the Forum is to contribute to knowledge development and dissemination towards sustainable power production and usage. The objective is to strengthen the capability and capacity for smart microgrid solutions for the future, in Sweden and globally.

The Panelists

Dr Albana Ilo

Assistant Professor, Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives of TU Wien

Dr. Ilo has had many years of experience in power industry and academia. She has more than 30 years of experience in power systems, especially in Energy and Distribution management systems. She has successfully established Distribution Network Analyses at Siemens AG Austria, where she was Principal Key Expert Consultant. As a member of the Research Group "Power Systems" at TU Wien, Dr. Ilo has developed a new approach, which deals with the challenges of integrating decentralized electricity generation. She has been an independent expert at the European Commission's Energy sector on several occasions.

Ms M. Maxine Ghavi

Group SVP, Program Director, Microgrids, ABB

Maxine Ghavi is Group Senior Vice President and Program Director for Microgrids at ABB in Switzerland. She has more than 25 years of experience in business development, product marketing, product management, marketing and sales across multiple industries including solar and semiconductor capital equipment. Key positions held previously include Head of Solar Industry Initiative at ABB, Head of Business Management at Oerlikon Solar, VP Sales at Voyan Technology and Sr. Product Manager at KLA-Tencor.

Dr Sigvald Harryson

CEO & Founder, InnoVentum AB

Sigvald has had an extensive academic career teaching “Ecoprepreneurship” at Lund University, Copenhagen Business School and most recently Hult International Business School. He also runs a renewable energy company InnoVentum AB that focuses of tailored energy solutions for remote locations, and a consulting firm iKnow-Who AB. Prior to that Sigvald worked in management consulting: at Arthur D. Little as Partner, Booz Allen Hamilton as Principal, and the Boston Consulting Group as Manager.

Mr Olof Hallström

Project Manager, Pamoja Cleantech AB

Olof holds a MSc. in Environmental engineering with specialization in renewable energy technologies from Lund University, Sweden. He has extensive experience developing solar thermal energy systems and thermally driven heat pump technologies, and has installed thermal energy systems across the globe. He has also conducted his own research in the field of solar cooling at the University of Mälardalen. Since 2015 Olof is working for Pamoja Cleantech, developing their poly-generation platform for smart distributed Micro Grids, and managing project design and implementation. Olof heads the E4T Micro Grid project on A&N Islands.


Date: 10th of May 2017

Time: 09:30 – 11:00

Venue: Vienna International Centre

Room: Conference Room 5  

Cluster: Technology

If you would like to attend "Micro-Grids Bringing Mega Change", please send us an email to info@innoventum.se with a brief motivation for your attendance.


If you would like to attend the high level sessions of VEF 2017 on the 11th and 12th of May, please register here (free of charge)