Solar Power Off Grid Systems and Hybrid Solutions

Solar power off grid systems and hybrid solutions from InnoVentum including design and implementation. Let us introduce you to one of our solar power off grid system implementations. In its most simplistic definition, “off grid” living means being disconnected from the public power grid. Off grid living, by itself, is not technically illegal. Producing your own power is off grid living and perfectly legal and we have off grid systems for your energy needs.


Living off-grid requires special consideration to power requirements. According to each project specification we design and pre-assemble solar power off grid systems and hybrid solutions, to provide flexible and compatible energy independence.


Common solar power off grid system or hybrid solution equipment, includes:

  • 48 Vdc system equipped with Wind turbine, Solar module, Charge controller, DC/AC Inverter from our partner Studer and Victron and battery bank where we have different types of technologies inkl. advanced microgrid solution available.
  • High efficiency Bio-Diesel generators can be added to each system to provide a back-up power.
  • Load Management is also recommended in Off Grid solution and this is available via our partner, Teroc AB

Solar power off grid system installation in Madagascar, supplying green energy to remote hospital (CASE)

solar power off grid systems
solar power off grid system

Application of solar power off grid systems and hybrid solutions


Electricity supply in rural and remote areas - solar power off grid systems and hybrid solutions can facilitate independent, long-term and sustainable electricity generation in rural and remote areas.

Power back up in areas with frequent electricity cuts - A number of places in developing coutrnies face frequent power cuts due to power transmission malfunctions, which can hamper operations of companies and public institutions.

Solar power off grid systems can provide an economical and viable long-term backup solution to overcome the problems occurring during frequent power cuts.

solar power off grid

Off Grid to back up unstable AC Grid in Kenya, including Lithium Battery

off grid solar
green energy off grid

Plug & Play electrical cabinet with Studer equipment

Studer equipment

Solar Power Off Grid System BackUp
solar offgrid

Our intelligent switch cabinet solutions combine all the necessary components for a reliable off-grid power supply. Because of an optimized system layout and our smart plug'n'play concept, installation is greatly simplified and ensures a smooth start-up.

An integrated system monitoring and notification system support the user during operation. The standardized and well documented layout helps to quickly identify errors and to correct them in case of service.


We can offer right solar power off grid system for you