Solar PV Carport is a Solar Energy Solution Installed on a Wooden Carport

Solar PV Carport has been developed by InnoVentum in response to the market demand requiring cost-efficient and well-designed solar PV shade structures and carports.

The InnoVentum carport unit is designed for 2 cars with 24 PV panels covering the roof and can be extended to accommodate 4, 6, 8, 10 and more cars. Coupled with the choice of peak power per panel ranging between 300 and 370 Wp, InnoVentum can design a custom solution providing the necessary amount of energy for each customer.

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Technical Specifications

  SCP 15 SCP 18 SCP 24 SCP 48
Number of cars  1 2 2 4
Quantity of panels (PV) 360 Wp 15 18 24 48
Installed kWp 5.40 kWp 6.50 kWp 8.65 kWp 17.3 kWp
Yearly production Northern Europe 5 300 kWh 6 400 kWh 8 500 kWh 17 000 kWh
Central Europe 5 900 kWh 8 100 kWh 9 250 kWh 18 500 kWh
Southern Europe 6 500 kWh 7 500 kWh 10 000 kWh 20 000 kWh
Dimensionk  5.6 x 5.4 x 2.5m 6.6 x 5.4 x 2.5m 6.6 x 7.2 x 2.3m 12 x 7.2 x 2.3m

Ground Screw Foundation

Screw foundation installation process for Dalifant small wind turbine 11kW

The ground screw foundation is:

FAST: installed in hours instead of days/weeks for a standard concrete foundation: no curing time is needed.

GREEN: it causes 7 times less CO2 emission than a concrete foundation, allows for significant water saving and requires no soil movement.


It is the foundation of choice for all InnoVentum installations.


10-year product warranty for defects in material and/or workmanship

25-year linear performance warranty: deviation from the minimum power no greater than 0.6 % p.a., the minimum rated power after 25 years 83 % of the minimum rated power of crystalline modules

 Online Monitoring

We also offer an online monitoring platform accessible from any device so that you always have full control of your power production.


  • See logical and physical PV site visualisation with real-time performance data for each individual module and for the whole system
  • With at-a-glance views of energy production and performance, system owners can see their system is performing as expected
  • Easily compare current performance against previous day, week or month

 Financial Incentives

Apart from providing energy, the Solar Power Solution gives you the opportunity to benefit from Swedish subsidies for solar installations (Solcellstöd).

For example, in Sweden it allows you to qualify for the PV installation support by the Swedish Energy Agency – where up to 30% of total PV system cost can be reclaimed.

You can read more on Energimyndigheten here.

InnoVentum_Solcellstöd 2018_ENG

 Solar PV Carport Pictures

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