We are the only small-scale wind turbine provider who uses wooden towers. Why is wood good?

  • Wood has the unique ability to capture and store CO2 while reducing carbon sources. There are 2 ways to reduce COin the atmosphere:

 reduce emissions or “carbon sources”

 remove CO2 and store it – increasing “carbon sinks”

Wood has the unique ability to do both.

  • Each cubic metre of wood saves a total of 2 tons of CO2. Every cubic metre of wood used as a substitute for other building materials reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 1.1 ton CO2. If this is added to the 0.9 ton of CO2 stored in wood, we get 2 tons of CO2
  • Why cutting trees and using wood is good? Managed forests are more efficient carbon sinks than forests which are left in a natural state. Younger trees, in vigorous growth, absorb more CO2 than mature trees, which will eventually die and rot, returning their store of CO2 to the atmosphere, while most of the CO2 of the trees harvested from a managed forest continues to be stored throughout the life of the resulting wood product.
  • Production of a steel tower requires a lot of energy and is associated with sizeable emissions of CO2. Even recycled steel production is associated with great amounts of CO2 emissions, while timber required for InnoVentum tower construction reduces CO2 impact:

More information about use of wood you can find here:  Tackle Climate Change: Use Wood

  • Steel towers, especially hollow tubular designs, are known for amplifying the noise and vibration coming from the generator while wooden towers absorb them.
  • Steel towers are known for corrosion problems, especially in humid climates and in installations with close proximity to the sea.
  • Steel prices in the world market are increasing at a record pace, which makes the production of steel towers more and more costly – in addition to complex logistics.
  • As opposed to steel, wood is a renewable material, which makes it a sound choice from the point of view of sustainability – approved by Mother Earth.


We put a lot of time and effort in our tower development

  • More than 6000 engineering hours were put in the development of InnoVentum wooden towers, with more than half of them devoted to the Dali XII.
  • All models were tested in 1:10 scale prototypes for design validation.
  • The Dali XII tower was tested  full scale in-house for the measurement of all critical parameters and the initial patent application was submitted.
  • The Dali XII tower was further tested on site.
  • After 12 months of testing, a second generation of the Dali XII was developed resulting in an international patent application.


We are in continuous search of innovative and even more environmentally friendly solutions for our customers

  • InnoVentum finds partners with the most advanced turbine concepts (ducted solutions, use of sustainable materials (wood)).
  • We constantly search for improved solutions for all parts of our installations. One recent development concerns foundations: it is possible to make a foundation that is associated with 7 times less CO2 emission than for the concrete foundation! This solution also allows for significant water saving (more than 380 liters!) and no soil movement.


We care about design and appreciate beauty

  • InnoVentum is one of the rare small-scale wind energy providers that is inspired by art (surrealism),  music (Moby, classical music) and tradition (traditional Scandinavian use of wood; use of windmills on Öland).
  • We consult and partner excellent craftsmen with passion for wood and extensive (20+ year) experience.


We love our job and do everything with genuine passion and inspiration!

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