We have developed a unique tool allowing you to learn more about the benefits of installing an InnoVentum wind turbine at your property. For our Swedish customers we linked wind speed data all over Sweden to Google maps – so the system can determine your average wind speed automatically and calculate annual energy yield for each model of our wind turbines installed at your property. For our international customers, we ask you to insert your average wind speed and the height at which it was measured (you can get this data from your country wind map, local meteo station or from the measurements at your location). By using our Wind Check App you will learn more about possible energy yield in your wind conditions, environmental benefits associated with the installation, financial benefits and much more.

If you are thinking about installing a wind turbine at your summer house or villa, you may consider

Beetle S

Beetle Lifestyle

If you have a small farm, SME or a larger property and your annual energy need exceeds 20000 kWh, you may consider


We hope you enjoy our Wind Check App!