Wind energy

INNOVENTUM is a producer of small scale wind power. We innovate and develop domestic wind turbines and other renewable energy solutions for agriculture and companies. By investing in wind energy, you become an important part of worlds collective transformation into a sustainable future. Lowering your electricity costs becomes a pleasant bonus to your contribution for our planet. We offer patented products with rated power of 3,5-11 kW. Small-scale wind turbines are installed on 12 and 20 meters high wooden towers.


Annual production* 38 000 kWh
Height 20 m
Rotor diameter 13 m


*Annual production assumes average wind speed 6 m/s.

Dali Performance

Annual production* 7 800 kWh
Height 12 m
Rotor diameter 3 m

DALIFANT is the largest small-scale wind turbine for home, farms and companies. DALIFANT stands gracefully on its eight-legged wooden tower. The turbine has two blades with a diameter of 13 meters.

INNOVENTUM's small-scale wind turbines are installed on patented wooden towers. DALI XII is the wooden tower that is the basis for DALI. Due to this unique three-legged design, DALI is easy to transport and can both be raised and lowered without a crane.

Small-scale wind solutions

Small-scale wind solutions tames the wind and then uses the wind energy in order to facilitate sustainable way of living through an independent production of electricity. INNOVENTUM invents products that produce renewable energy through wind. We are constantly working on technologies that will optimize your small-scale wind solution with a contribution to our environment.

Micro-production of renewable electricity

Wind power is one of the main renewable energy sources available. Since the wind almost always blows, wind is an optimal investment to provide a home, a farm or a company with renewable energy all year round. Small-scale wind turbines are a wise investment if you have a villa, farm, cottage with- or without grid connection. Our products are excellent solution in cases you are involved in municipal energy transformation, environmental projects or companies.


Innovator of award-winning hybrid system

INNOVENTUM has won awards for our inventions, both as a supplier of small wind turbines for home, companies and agriculture. INNOVENTUM is also an innovator of award-winning hybrid systems.

Efficient turbines and unique wooden tower design

Energy from wind for your power needs

Wind energy solutions in 1887

Fun fact is that the first small-scale wind turbine that produced electricity from wind power was built 1887 in Scotland. Wind power causes turbine blades to rotate, these rotor blades are connected to a generator that generates energy when the rotor blades spins. Through the power of the wind, humans have traveled across the 7 seas with sailboats, used windmills to streamline agriculture, pump water and use sawmills.