Energy that our solar system offers in abundance 

Instead of gratefully accepting the energy that our solar system offers in abundance, we try to act God by gambling with nuclear power – a very delicate process that partly gets close to the to the way in which power was released when our Universe once was created some 14 billion years ago.

Rather than accepting the reassuring fact that materials causing death through radiation are safely buried and sealed in planetary cores deep inside rock solid mountains, we proactively search for and drill deep into these radioactive rocks where we grind the radioactive material and distill it into lethal pellets and rods that are brought into the centers of gravity of our society. How insightful is that? The act of stupidity goes further as we then use these rods in a way that can be defined as an experiment to make a controlled atomic explosion. 

How can anyone believe that this would NOT lead to disaster?

How much further can we go before fully eroding the chances for Life on our Planet?

On April 20th 2010, the oilrig Deepwater Horizon exploded and released 780 million crude oil into the ocean. Less than one year later, we repeated the “non-repeatable” nuclear disasters from the US and Ukraine. Reaching mid-2012, we can already conclude that a new record has been reached: together, we managed to create 34,8 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions during 2011 – the highest amount ever. As a result, we are now measuring CO2 concentrations above 400 ppm in countries like Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Iceland and even Mongolia. Before the Industrial Age, levels were around 275 parts per million.

The various catastrophes across the Globe, sharpened by last year’s calamity in Fukushima and the recent 400 ppm CO2 concentration levels MUST be the ultimate wake-up call for all of us to fundamentally change the ways in which we produce and use energy on this Planet.

In this spirit and starting at a yet small scale, INNOVENTUM gives power to the Planet by decentralizing the production of carbon-neutral energy to its point of consumption.

Wind turbine installation company - INNOVENTUM

Among wind turbine installation companies, INNOVENTUM offer the most carbon-neutral wind turbine solutions and installations on the Planet by using renewable materials for the majority of the wooden tower construction and recycled materials for the rest. Big is not always beautiful and this is certainly true for wind turbines. A 2kW generator with blades typically weighs around 50 kg. A ten times more powerful 20kW turbine does not weigh ten times more, but 2 tons, which is forty times more. In other words, the use of resources for the bigger turbine in this case if four times higher. In essence, the return on resources diminish, the larger you make the wind turbines.

Secondly, the common large-scale turbines provided by other wind turbine installation companies cause significant logistical problems for their transport and installation. By contrast, our systems are modularized for ease of transport and assembly. Our 2kW solution also has a self-erecting towers so that neither trucks nor cranes are required, which makes both installation and power creation carbon-neutral.

Among all actors on the growing scene of wind turbine manufacturers, within INNOVENTUM we are proud to distinguish ourselves as the most knowledge and patent-intensive company in environmentally friendly wind turbine solutions and installations.

INNOVENTUM thrives on three symbiotic management philosophies:

  • Co-creation
  • Open Innovation
  • Business Model Innovation

Environmentally friendly wind turbine installations

Rather than leaving our competitors with resource-draining solutions, our spirit of co-creation invites competitors to leverage our environment-friendly wooden tower solutions – for the benefit of our Planet.

We perform open innovation in its real sense – bringing in external ideas to drive innovation leadership while licensing out the results to all Partners willing to bring the cleanest forms of energy capturing mechanisms to the Planet.

In this spirit, we design new business models to leverage our innovation advantage for the benefit of the industry as a whole – thereby driving innovation leadership for cleaner and more carbon-neutral small-scale wind turbine solutions that give power to the Planet.

INNOVENTUM already spans a network of more than one hundred researchers across the Planet who team up with us to support the development of small scale wind turbine solutions that:

  • Maximize energy produced compared to resources deployed
  • Minimize carbon emissions produced compared to energy produced
  • Optimize logistics to cause less carbon emissions and bottlenecks in traffic

Please join us as a lead-user of these new solutions. Together, we will make a difference – much along the lines of Robert Kennedy’s insightful statement:

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events; and in the total, of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.”

/Sigvald Harryson

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