InnoVentum offers two unique wooden towers: Dali XII (12 m) and Dalifant XX (20 m)

Our innovative wooden have been developed to fit all of our wind turbine solutions. Replacing standard steel towers with wooden ones greatly reduces the carbon footprint of our products.

InnoVentum wooden towers are the result of extensive research and collaboration with leading universities in Sweden and France in the field of wood engineering. The focus has been on creating aesthetic wooden designs that are easy to transport and erect.

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Noise & Vibration Absorption

Timber used for InnoVentum’s wooden towers is proven to reduce noise of small wind turbine installations. Since the velocity of sound waves in wood is low, wood is one of the best sound insulators.

While a conventional stand-alone steel tower amplifies the noise through a hollow tube construction, the Dali and Dalifant multi-leg wooden towers absorb this vibration, making the operation of the turbine much more silent.

wood absorbs noise and vibration thanks to its fibres


Our wooden towers have been designed to last 25+ years, even in the most adverse weather conditions, such as marine sites or high wind locations.The construction withstands 60 m/s wind gusts (216 km/h or 135 mph) - Class I winds according IEC 61400-2 standard. These winds are classified as hurricanes.

During 2011-2015 we installed multiple wind turbines in high wind coastal locations and none of them has suffered considerable damage.

Wood & CO2

Wood has the unique ability to capture and store CO2 while reducing carbon sources.

There are 2 ways to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere:

  • reduce emissions or “carbon sources”
  • remove CO2 and store it - increasing “carbon sinks”

Wood has the unique ability to do both.

Each cubic metre of wood saves a total of 2 tons of CO2. Every cubic metre of wood used as a substitute for other building materials reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 1.1 ton CO2. If this is added to the 0.9 ton of CO2 stored in wood, we get a total of 2 tons of CO2

carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees

Why Cut Trees in Forests

managed versus unmanaged forests

Managed forests are more efficient carbon sinks than forests which are left in a natural state. Younger trees, in vigorous growth, absorb more CO2 than mature trees, which will eventually die and rot, returning their store of CO2 to the atmosphere, while most of the CO2 of the trees harvested from a managed forest continues to be stored throughout the life of the resulting wood product.

InnoVentum uses wood only from sustainably managed forests.

Carbon Footprint of Our Towers

Dali XII

Use of wood* - 1,800 kg of CO2
Use of steel**   52 kg of CO2
CO2 balance - 1,748 kg of CO2

Dalifant XX

Use of wood* - 7,890 kg of CO2
Use of steel**   809 kg of CO2
CO2 balance - 7,081 kg of CO2

* - 1m3 of wood replacing steel offsets 1500 kg of CO2 (incl. transportation and processing of wood)

** - 582 kg CO2 is emitted per ton of steel manufactured. Density of steel: 7850 kg/m3

Our Wooden Towers Reduce Carbon Footprint of Wind Turbine Installations!

Dali XII Modularity & Installation


The Dali XII tower has a number of additional practical advantages:
- Easy transportation thanks to the modular design and small packing volume.
-  Possibility to erect the tower without a crane - using electrical or manual winch - which is particularly advantageous in remote locations.

In most cases we use screw foundation for our solutions (both Dali XII and Dalifant XX), which is an environmentally friendly alternative to the concrete foundation. Screw foundations require no soil movement and offer considerable water and material savings. If the installation site is rocky, we propose a steel rod foundation that is drilled directly into the bedrock.

Installation Dali wooden tower for wind turbine

 Relevant Installation Cases


Photo gallery on Flickr (full size downloadable images): Dali XII & Turbine with Wooden Blades

Photo gallery on Flickr (full size downloadable images): Dali XII Installation on the Roof

Photo gallery on Flickr (full size downloadable images): Dalifant XX Installation in Sweden

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