Dali Performance is a Small Wind Turbine Installed on a Wooden Tower

Dali Performance small wind turbine is a fully integrated wind energy solution designed to yield maximum energy at a given rotor diameter. It is installed on a design- and patent-protected 12 metre Dali XII wooden tower. 

The Dali Performance is suitable for a variety of applications. It can provide electricity for a summer cottage or a house, deliver heating for hot water, power lights and electronic equipment - either connected to the grid or in remote locations, e.g., replacing a diesel generator (with a suitable battery backup). The Dali Performance can be installed either stand-alone or on the roof as it works quietly.

You may wish to browse through a brochure prepared by our customer in the Swiss Alps, The Lötschenpass Hut, with detailed illustrations of the installation without a crane of the Dali Performance in challenging mountain conditions.

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Generator & Blades of the Dali Performance Small Wind Turbine

The Dali Performance small wind turbine has a permanent magnet generator with a great number of poles to reduce the rated speed to 250 rpm. This decreased rotation speed considerably reduces materials wear and noise. A low cut-in speed enables it to work with 3m/s wind speeds. Equipped with the passive tilt system, that safely transfer the turbine in helicopter position in strong wind to limit the rotor RPM and still continue to produce energy even at high wind speed.

The blades are manufactured using RTM Light (Resin Transfer Moulding) technology based on the use of polyester resin with fibreglass. This results in lightweight components with greater mechanical resistance. Using this manufacturing process based on the most advanced technology used in utility scale wind turbines, the weight obtained is less than half of common blades, providing enhanced mechanical resistance.

Dali Performance small wind turbine by InnoVentum

Durability & Performance

The Dali Performance small wind turbine has been designed to last 25+ years, even in the most adverse weather conditions, such as marine sites or high wind locations.The wind turbine will operate normally even at wind gusts up to 60 m/s, 216 km/h or 135 mph (Class I winds according IEC 61400-2 standard). These winds are classified as hurricanes. The well-built and rugged design will allow the turbine to withstand mechanical stresses caused by sustained average high winds such as certain locations with 9 m/s (32 km/h or 20 mph).

Anticorrosion Protection & Watertight Design

Dali Performance small wind turbine by InnoVentum

Dali Performance small wind turbine is designed for coastal applications. All metal parts of the turbine have been coated with marine grade powder coat for ensuring superior protection from the environment. A wooden tower works better in the seaside environment compared to a steel tower, as the former is not susceptible to corrosion due to humidity.

The small wind turbine comes in a waterproof enclosure to guarantee the watertightness. Besides the characteristics like corrosion protection, stainless steel hardware, the turbine features watertight housings seals.


The Dali Performance small wind turbine is certified according to the leading international certification systems

 (which makes it eligible for subsidies in the respective markets):

Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) in the UK

AWEA certification in the USA

Class NK Certification in Japan

Technical Specifications

  Dali Performance 4.0 Dali Performance 5.5 Dali Performance 7.5
Rated power at 11 m/s 3.7 kW Peak: 7.5 kWp 5.5 kW Peak: 9.5 kWp 7.5 kW Peak: 12.5 kWp
Annual production with larger rotor 4m/s 1 895 kWh 2 480 kWh 4 205 kWh
5m/s 3 700 kWh 5 255 kWh 9 040 kWh
6m/s 6 390kWh 8 610 kWh 14 715 kWh
Rotor diameter 3.00 or 3.50 m 4.00 or 4.50 m 5.30 m
Footprint, tower base triangular, 3.51 m2
Noise level 35 dB (A) at 60 m (8 m/s)
Tower height 12 m


 Installation Process of the Dali Performance Small Wind Turbine

The Dali XII tower of the Dali Performance solution has a number of practical advantages:

- Easy transportation thanks to the modular design and small packing volume.

- Silent operation of the wind turbine thanks to noise reduction by the wooden elements and multi-leg design.

- Possibility to erect the tower without a crane - using electrical or manual winch - which is particularly advantageous in remote locations.

In most cases we use screw foundation for our solutions, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to the concrete foundation. Screw foundations require no soil movement and offer considerable water and material savings. If the installation site is rocky, we propose a steel rod foundation that is drilled directly into the bedrock. In cases when concrete foundation is the only alternative, the amount of concrete required for the Dali XII tower is 7 times less compared to a classic tubular steel tower of the same height. This is achieved thanks to the multi-leg design of the wooden tower.

 Relevant Installation Cases

 Photos and Articles

Photo gallery on Flickr (full size downloadable images): Dali Performance Small Wind Turbine Rooftop Installation at BTH

Photo gallery on Flickr (full size downloadable images): Dali Performance Small Wind Turbine High Altitude Installation at the Lötschenpass hut

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